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  • Labor Day holiday notice
    • 2017-04-18
    Labor Day holiday notice

    International Labor Day is also known as "May 1 International Labor Day", "international demonstrations day" (International Workers'Day or May Day), is the world's more than and 80 national holiday. Set in May 1st of each year. It is a festival that the working people all over the world share. July 1889, led by Engels, the second International Congress in Paris. The meeting adopted a resolution, t...

  • Hot selling products in March
    • 2017-03-27
    Hot selling products in March

    In March, our company has three best-selling products, mainly dog tombstone, these hot products are our latest puppy tombstone, water polo, refrigerator stickers, etc.:   The first product:: Pet dog tombstone Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or even a hamster person, pets are a big part of our lives. The close bond that you share with your pet is the reason that many peop...

  •   Company Holiday Notice
    • 2017-01-18
    Company Holiday Notice

    Dear Customer: Chinese New Year began,vientiane update. Jinhuoba Gifts & Crafts Co., Ltd. staff in this deeply grateful yo you for a long time for our support and love! To you my most sincere wishes and greetings! In the new year, our company will work harder for you provide better service! Combined with the specific situation of our company specific arrangements for Spring Festival Holiday pe...

  • 2019 Chinese Spring Festival
    • 2019-01-11
    2019 Chinese Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would come soon. Now, although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can hav...

  •   2018 Christmas Carnival
    • 2018-12-16
    2018 Christmas Carnival

    Christmas is an important holiday in the United States. Before Christmas, everyone will buy a lot of Christmas gifts as a decoration on Party, creating a Christmas atmosphere.   Christmas is a special holiday, But Christmas is the most important holiday of the year. Christmas is a festive time, especially for children.  The celebration of Christmas...

  • Alibaba “Double 11 shopping carnival”
    • 2016-11-01
    Alibaba “Double 11 shopping carnival”

    The china biggest shopping website “TAOBAO” willhold a “Double 11 shopping carnival” like amazon’s black Friday. People will get a good promotion in Taobao. About 50% off. And the Alibaba will also celebrate this “Double 11”. The oversea buyers can get a good price and good quality product. In this day, Our company will Join “Double 11”. Our company is in major of snow globe, fridge magnet,money b...

  •   merry Christmas
    • 2016-10-10
    merry Christmas

    Christmas Day is a traditional Festival in the Western countries. For people who celebrate this Festival every year, Christmas is a season of giving and receiving presents.In some European countries,the adults would act as Christmas, and come into houses in the night and leaves gifts for the children, so the children can't wait to open his or her eyes to see what Santa has left in the stocking in ...

  • Three major experiments on Tiangong II
    • 2016-09-17
    Three major experiments on Tiangong II

    Plant species in space, directed by Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology at theShanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences  In the movie The Martian, astronaut Mark Watney survives on the Mars by planting potatoes. In reality, growing plants in space is much harder than in the movie. On Tiangong II,scientists have built a mini "greenhouse", with controlled temperature and light. Riceand ...

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