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2019 Chinese Spring Festival

  • 2019-01-11

The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would come soon. Now, although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can have a long holiday,and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings,we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programs.

The Spring Festival,Chinese New Year,is the most important festival for all of us.All family members get together on New Year'Eve to have a big meal.

On the first early morning of one year,many senior citizen get up early and they stick the reversed Fu or hang some couplets on the front door.Some house's windows are sticked on red paper cuttings.The Chinese New Year lasts fifteen days.

The last day of the Chinese New Year is another festival.It names the Lantern Festival.So the Chinese New Year comes to the end

 I like the Spring Festival very much. How wonderful the Spring Festival is!

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